Ever wonder what body type you are?

Ever wonder why your friend can eat whatever they want, and they never put on weight? Or wonder why your family member is very lean but can’t seem to build muscle.

William Sheldon, an American psychologist popularized the theory of somotypes many years ago. He basically defined 3 major characteristics of most people. Although we might not be 100% of a somotype. We will carry more qualities of one of the somotypes.

  1. An Ectomorph who is lean and long. These are the Victoria Secret supermodels. (society might value this body type yet these individuals’ struggle with things like building muscle.)
  2. A Mesomorph is naturally muscular they are often well built with a fast metabolism. Think Serena Williams.
  3. An Endomorph has a high body fat, they often tend to be pear shaped, often holding fat the lower parts of their bodies. Think JLo booties or Beyoncé.

So, What Somotype Are You?

You will be a combination of these body characteristics but generally one will stand out and be a little more prominent with a second one close behind.

We are born with these genetic traits and we need to learn to love who we are instead of wanting to be something that genetically , we are never going to be.

The health Carter system measures the endomorph characteristics first, then the mesomorph and then the ectomorph. These are then quantified. This can be a very complex calculation but even by figuring out your main characteristic, it will help you understand your body better.

Endomorph’s are made to store fuel. During the ice age, we would be the ones to survive. Fat and muscle are often stored in the lower section of our bodies. This is my main characteristic.

If you are an endomorph and are disappointed right now that you will always going to be the bigger person . It is time for a reframe . According to Adam J Story there are some great benefits to being an endomorph.

  1. You may be less likely to suffer from osteopetrosis.
  2. An endomorph will excel in strength sports. .

Just because you may have a bigger body DOES NOT mean you are less healthy!

An Ectomorph has a very fast natural metabolism and they often burn fat easily. Yes, you know this person. They can generally eat a huge quantity and not seem to gain weight. They do however struggle to bulk up. Muscle is incredibly important.

A Mesomorph tends to build muscle easily and don’t store very much fat. They excel at athletic sports and generally enjoy the competitive aspect.

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