Burnout Recovery Solution

12 week solution for exhausted and overwhelmed moms

Want to ditch the mom guilt?

Want to start making time for yourself?

Then this is for you!

Becoming the mom you want to be requires strategy, planning and accountability. Don’t worry , I am here to guide you through.

Is the Burnout Recovery Solution right for you?
Are you

putting everyone else first?
struggling with no free time?
struggling with energy?
feeling like a complete failure?
not feeling valued?
not sure where they fit in anymore?
desperately wanting happiness but cannot seem to find it?
looking for the spark back in your relationships?
trying to ditch the mom guilt?
desperate to make peace with your food and body?
wanting to be more organised?
just wanting to feel like yourself again?

The 12 week course includes

What is the investment?

The investment for the Burnout Recovery Solution is $515

Module 1

The New Normal


Understanding Holistic living.

Define your mindset blocks.

Outline for success.

Happiness plan and flow basics.

Module 2

More Time


Understanding your time.

Breaking it down.




Module 3

More Energy


Healthy Lifestyle factors

Finding Food Peace

Better sleep


Exercise and movement

Module 4

Better Relationships


Ditching mom guilt

Building support systems


Chasing superiority


Module 5

Emotional clutter


Home File


Shopping lists

Master your mornings

Family Meals

Module 6

From Frumpy to Fab


Dressing for your body type

Capsule Closet

Your basic skincare guide

Body positivity


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