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Are you a Millennial Mom trying to do it all? Or a Business Savvy working-woman trying to climb the corporate ladder (in red lipstick and that amazing pencil skirt). A mom-preneur trying to build their dream business AND create their ultimate lifestyle. Then you are in the right place.

Hi ladies, my name is Michelle. I am a Millennial Mom trying to do it all. Yup, I have 2 kids, that have very different needs, a hubbie and a house to look after. I keep fit eat healthy most of the time (80/20 rule) and find time for myself. I also have a busy career and kick butt regularly as a professional. Sound too good to be true? I thought so too.

I used to hear all about work-life balance all the time (I even did a talk on the topic for mommies recently) All about working hard and playing hard too. A lot of the time society says the two should not mix. Well, as a Millennial, working mom I disagree. I think this concept is outdated and doesn’t work anymore. We end up giving our all at both ends and never really get anywhere. We end up feeling like we are failing on all fronts. This adds to our mom guilt and never ends well ….BURNOUT!

What we need in our lifestyles today is integration, innovation, and communication.
Aligning our lives so that there is enough time AND patience for everything.

What does this mean?

Less stress, less mommy guilt and more living in the moment and enjoying every second. After all, we never really know when this will all be over.

That’s where I come in, I help ladies just like me, figure out how to fit it all in AND not burn out.

Being A Mom-preneur

Being A Mom-preneur

Are you a solo-prenuer, creative bad-ass Mom Boss? Did you leave your corporate career to have flexibility? To have the life you always wanted. To be able to spend time with your kids and just enjoy your life. But being on your own sucks! No one to run ideas through with. No one to say well done when you deserve it? Working way harder than you were in corporate and maybe even super close to a complete burnout?

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Avoid Burnout With The Michelle Pitt Co Mom-preneur Masterclass

If you are struggling to juggle a busy career, being a mom, and still trying to lead a normal, balanced life, know you are not alone!

I run regular master classes on how to manage all of the above factors of life! Take a look at my upcoming events here.

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Avoid Burnout With The Michelle Pitt Co Mom-preneur Masterclass

Make Mommyhood Easy With Michelle

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  • Sometimes in life we struggle with situations and issues because we think that is just how its supposed to be. Michelle helped me to see that for some of my struggles there was another, helpful, healthier solution. Some areas of my life needed to be simplified, some needed to be automated and somethings just needed to be stopped. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge and experience and guides you through each step of your journey. Her advice and tools are practical and can be implemented quickly, which is what you need as a busy, overwhelmed mom. If you are mom who is feeling overwhelmed, Michelle’s coaching is the solution you have been searching for.

    Elaine Roos
  • “Michelle has a special way of connecting and understanding in a very meaningful way. Simultaneously, she sees past overwhelming emotion and confusion to provide focus and direction. Being both a mother and businesswoman, she is able to address the unique needs of a modern working mother. Michelle comes highly recommended!”

    Lara Rocchi
  • The personal & business growth sessions I spent with Michelle were a great opportunity to take stock of where I was and to problem-solve and plan for where I want to be in future. As busy parents and business-owners we don’t often get the chance to just sit and think – or talk ideas over with someone who has a fresh perspective. Thanks Michelle for the effort and thought you put into our sessions, I found them to be really beneficial

    Devin Lester
  • I was close to the “edge” when I first met Michelle. Having suffered from burnout before, I recognised all the warning signs. I wasn’t sure how a ‘Mentor for Moms’ would help me but I knew I did not want to opt for help from a health practitioner as this would probably lead to being medicated. Definitely not the best option for the wife of a businessman and mother of two who was deep in the trenches of starting a new business while recovering from health issues.

    Fortunately, Michelle proved to be all the help I needed. She cleared the clutter in my life by giving practical advice on how to make breakthroughs in the areas I was having difficulty with, without having that breakdown I was so close to. I found that working with her was more calming than I expected. Michelle listened, advised and held me accountable. When I stumbled she motivated me to move forward. She helped me take control of my overall wellbeing and made me realise that it is possible to live an extra-ordinary life when I was ready to accept a mediocre one due to the overwhelming daily pressure of being the perfect partner and parent. She helped me build up my resources in a practical way to balance my life without feeling like I had to sacrifice what was important to me. Thanks to her I am a healthier, happier, more confident woman who really believes I am more than “just a mom” or “just a wife”.

    I am incredibly grateful for Michelle’s expertise and will continue to recommend her to friends because she changed my life.

    Karen Louise Mahlangu
  • “I recently signed up for with Michelle and I am beyond happy with her service and sessions.

    When we started, I felt very lost in just being a mom.
    By the end I felt more confident to stand up for what I wanted and to actually go out and get it.

    She helped me prioritize what is important to me and also realize I’m not just a mom.
    Thank you Michelle for all the help and awesome coffee 🙂

    Even my hubby has noticed a difference in me again – I’m my happy self again.”

    Doné McEvoy
  • “Michelle, what you do changes lives.

    Thank you for being an amazing person and helping people”

    Angelique van Zyl
  • “So helpful and knowledgeable.”

    Quinta Fischer
  • “Michelle was amazing.

    I love how she emphasizes that there is no RIGHT or WRONG way of parenting.

    Whatever you choose to do is okay.

    Great workshop.”

    Tasnim Soloman
  • “I am mom to an adorable one year old, PA to my husband and his business, cook, cleaner etc.

    I was managing alright but always felt run off my feet with mile long lists that never got done.
    I worked with Michelle and WOW, what a change. She helped make manageable changes in all aspects of my life.

    We are now eating better and exercising.
    I now have time for my family and even ME time!

    Michelle makes you feel so comfortable and able to speak openly.

    She is amazing!”

    Sara Gray
  • “At a time where I felt overwhelmed with my business and personal life, juggling being a mom, a wife and running my own business, Michelle truly helped me to refocus on what is important and what I needed to focus on.She has also taught me that saying NO sometimes is okay.

    Thank you for the balance that you have helped me achieve. This was my very important to me.”

    Leandra Schutte
  • “I guess seeing a life coach is quite a new things for many of us, I get asked often why I am seeing one now.
    I have been working with Michelle for the past year, and although I have been to see a Life Coach once before Michelle, the reason I have found value in my sessions and continued them is because being a working Mom of 3 kids and 2 businesses, I am not a standard person facing one problem at a time but multiple.

    I was seriously not coping with all my balls in the air, they were frequently dropping. I had various levels of burnout, and sitting down with someone who isn’t going to tell you to just put all the balls down, but rather to get some sort of perspective on where you at and where you want to go and how you are going to do just that was just what I needed. Because lets face it, putting all the balls down and quitting is just not an option.

    My sessions with Michelle, give me a life plan and sanity. She is great at what she does because in her essence she is a level headed person who knows exactly what busy moms are facing and can relate.

    We all need a Michelle in our lives”

    Tracey Steynberg

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