4 ways to be a productive mom-boss!

Productive mom

productive momAre you a creative? Solopreupenur? a mom? Did Leave your corporate job to have freedom and flexibility but instead, the hustle is causing you anxiety. Are there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Burning out from burning the candle at both ends.

I have just the thing for you a solution for powerful women just like you. Moms that want to build a business that fits into their lifestyle.  Yes, it is possible! And no there is no secret to getting it right. There is however a strategy.

So how do we do this?

No 1 plan. Have you ever started the week without a plan?  Sat down on a Monday morning and hopped onto your emails. The next time you check the time it is almost the end of the day? And what have you achieved? Nothing of value? Your to-do list is still sitting untouched and you feel worse than before you started. Believe it or not but just having a plan of what we want to achieve can be a complete game changer. I help clients plan long and short-term goals so that we know what we are working g towards. Thus, allows true clarity

No 2 Organisation

The 2 key components of most of our lifestyles are our families (people) and our money-making activities. These need to be prioritized and focused on. Most people complete their to-do list in order of writing it. The better way to do this is to go through an activity that allows us to differentiate between urgent and important items and creating a to-do list that works more effectively. I love helping Mompreneurs to create this productive and focused business alignment.

No 3 consistency

Our mindset is vital. When we are running our businesses. We are not only the CEO, but we are also the key decision makers in our brand, our marketing, sales, customer service and more. We need to understand completely what success is to us and what we want from our business. This guides our brand and who we are and every decision we make. A strong foundation is key and then the consistency of the brand is vital.

No 4 get out there. Get visible!

For some reason, many female entrepreneurs feel inadequate. They either feel like they don’t deserve success (mindset block) or that they need to study again and again to be worthy (another mindset block) You just need to start! And yes, you may not be perfect and that is ok. You must actually get in the game before you can improve.  Not starting in business because you are scared to fail is in my eyes the biggest failure. Be brave! Have faith in yourself and put yourself out there. If you are truly passionate about your business or service. If it is something you need to do, part of you, your burning desire, then keep going until you reach your dreams.

And The Final Step To Being A Production Mom Boss Is…

Finally, we have the same amount of time in a day. We also have the same about of time as Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey. So how do they run multiple businesses’ profitably yet still seem calm, cool and collected? They plan, they are super-organized, they have a strong brand identity and are consistent, they are visible and were brave enough to try!

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