What is the no 1 thing we need to know as a millennial mom?

Answer: Your purpose and your why.

If you have not heard about Simon Sinek, then it’s time you watched his YouTube video. I loved it and went out and bought his book straight away.

He gets real about millennials and as a millennial mom, I felt the need to completely understand my people 😀 and pass on my #lifehacks to those moms that really need it.

Simon says that we want more than ever is to work in a place of purpose. We want to make an impact and change the world. For me, personally, this is so true. I only truly felt like it was worth it when I found my purpose. I found that helping people and specifically moms adjust to their new lives and align them, mattered. I started to see differences in their lives with a priority shift based on what was important.

So how can you find your thing? Finding Your ‘why’ as a millennial mom

Simon says that most businesses and in turn people know what they do. They may call it different things, but they know. Most even understand how. But how many people know why? Do you know? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should we care?

Simons’ idea of the golden circle and that everything revolves around “why” is a game changer in the way we think. It’s used by companies that change industries, like Apple, and people that change the way they see the world like the Wright Brothers. What do they have in common? It’s not more money or resources it’s not more qualifications or better education, it’s a common understanding of their purpose and their passion. Stop feeling like you are not ready to start. You don’t need more qualifications or more money to start doing what you love. You need to find your passion and just start.

The first really big impact point in our careers is when we are in school deciding on the subjects we would like to take and specialize in. In my case, I investigated my long-term health and wellness career and looked at what I would need. I then used this info to pick my subjects and then my initial qualification. I was pretty sure that was what I wanted.

This has not changed. I still love helping people and making a difference in their lives. The problem was somewhere between being a health and skincare therapist and moving into management. The focus shifted big time. Things like profitability and ROI became more important than the customer. The connection was gone. A part of me was not being fulfilled anymore. It turns out this Industry (like most) was focused more on the bottom line than helping people. Why couldn’t I do both?

On average we spend about 1/3 of our life working. That is a huge amount of time. I still hear constant complaints of friends, family, and clients that hate their job. They hate what they do. They count the minutes until the work week is done and are basically wasting life’s most precious gift -time!

Find your purpose, your passion your why, because when you do, work no longer feels mundane. It excites you, it drives you.
It gives you purpose.

Not sure on your purpose? Pop me an email and we can schedule a 20 min FREE session and start figuring this out.

Michelle xx

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