How Many Weeks Pregnant Are You?

how many weeks pregnant are you?

It’s never ok to ask how many weeks pregnant someone is if you are not sure, rather wait untill they tell you.


Because it feels like rubbish when someone asks you if you are not.

It happened to me twice last year! Yikes! The first time I got asked how far along I was. .. ( she even rubbed my belly ) my 2nd baby was already 18 months old.

The second time as by a flight attendant that was checking us into our flight.

Yes, I am a bit heavier than I would like and yes I love food but does it make it ok? No! Most of the time I exercise regularly and eat well-balanced meals with weekly small treats. The truth is that for me, getting my body back after pregnancy has not been easy. I have worked my butt off to lose 25 kg over the last year and am super proud of it.

We are all so different! Our body shapes our struggles. Some ladies, hardly look pregnant and hate it. Others like me, pick up a huge amount of weight. At the end of the day, we are blessed to have bodies that work and even more blessed to have amazing healthy kiddies.

So why did this hurt so much? Why did I end up in tears at a beautiful wedding when I should have brushed it off and not let it get to me. Well, I am human. It is never nice when someone says something that can be hurtful. Other things you really should just not say Are ‘you are huge’ or ‘it must be twins’. Come on, guys! Just because someone is pregnant doesn’t mean they don’t care.

I also had to make the decision to let this go. I needed to understand that someone’s comment might come from their sheer ignorance, their lack of children or just foot in mouth syndrome. I now understand that some people have never and will never struggle to lose weight. They are just genetically made that way. They are actually called ectomorphs.

Again, We are all so different. We all have different bodies, different skin, different hair. Instead of comparing, can’t we just appreciate what we have. Love our bodies, love what they have done and can still do. Less judgment, and more support!

Amazing things happen when woman support other women 💕


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