Have you lost your Mom-Mojo?

Mom Mojo

Having a baby means our body will change – Fact!. What we often disregard is the fact that our minds and specifically our brains changing too. Nature Neuroscience recently spoke of a study published that reveals that during pregnancy women undergo significant brain remodelling that persists at least two years after birth. Our brain physically changes in order to help us transition into motherhood. No wonder we feel like different people after having a baby.

In all these changes in becoming a mom, we might  lose sight of ourselves and who we are. Our “branding” or our purpose seems to shift. When this shift happens we can often find the occupation or work we were doing before having kids doesn’t seem to hold the same value anymore. We often see woman completely change careers or lifestyles after having children.  Being in the right career is so vital especially when you look at how much time is spent at work.  According to the Atlantic, 43% of moms leave their job after having children and much more change at least their role in some way or another. Yes, change can be scary but it can also be exhilarating.

With 90% of moms having to go back to work for financial reasons, it makes you wonder why employers are not paying more attention to the onboarding process once we are back at work?

  • So have you lost your branding? lost your Mojo?
  • Not sure who you are anymore?
  • Are you desperate to be more than JUST a mom?

How I Regained My Mom-Mojo

I had these feelings after having both of my children. I needed to learn how to say goodbye to the old carefree me and try to learn who the new me was. One of the biggest parts of this was figuring out that I wanted to work. Don’t get me wrong, being a stay-at-home mom is THE hardest and least rewarding job on the planet but I missed something. Something inside me was empty and I needed to fill it.

For me,  spending LESS time with my kids allowed me to actually appreciate them more. It allowed me to be more present with them. I also found that I had become resentful because I was pushing those empty feelings away and once I was honest, it all just fell into place. If you are feeling this way and desperate to find your way, try by spending time doing things you love, or use to love , or just want to try. You can start off slowly and build the time up. Take a class, read a book, check out a youtube clip. What ever you can get your hands on.

The best lesson in life is to find the thing you love doing and spend as much time doing it as possible.

In The Burnout Recovery Solution, I help you figure out how to get your mom Mojo back. We go through how to find your Purpose! Establish what success is to you and Create a list of NON-Negotiables so that you can be so much more than just a mom.

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