Michelle Pitt

What the H@#lth?

What makes us healthy? Or how do we evaluate our own health? In 1948, WHO defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease” Although, after a quick scroll through Instagram and you would think health equals restriction, fasting and protein powder. What do all …

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Adhd, make your diagnosis your superpower!  Ellen Braaten PHD says “Recent studies have looked at attention skills in the general population. They found that there’s a natural spectrum of functioning, with ADHD at the one extreme. “ It is important to understand that no two kids or adults with ADHD are exactly alike. Just like …

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The kids aren’t alright.

How is the pandemic impacting our children? More and more, I am hearing parents’ express concern. Concern over their children’s anxiety. Worry over their well-being and their lack happiness. Can you relate? The global pandemic has been a hard enough pill for us adults to swallow but, how are the kids coping? And what can …

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Mom Burnout?

Not sure if you have mom burnout? I have been there too stuck in such a bad rut that you don’t even see how bad it has gotten. Don’t stress! I am here to guide you through a sure way to completely understand what stage of burnout you are in and the first step to …

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