Hormones, pregnancy, and those cravings!

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Everything You Need To Know About Hormones And Pregnancy


Hormones, the guilty party for many of the pregnancy changes. Even if they are not the culprit, they get blamed. They are all over the place in pregnancy and then again after birth.

Getting To Know Your Pregnancy Hormones

The first perpetrator that we encounter is HCG. This hormone basically tells the body, “hey, there is a baby in there, so make a nice cozy spot.” They are what we use to measure if we are pregnant using a home pregnancy test too. Some say this is the same hormone that causes morning sickness. Which I had morning, mid-morning, afternoon, evening, and night for 5 months. Not fun!

The 2nd is progesterone. This hormone helps us tolerate foreign DNA (our baby) and helps the body to keep all smooth muscles relaxed. This action can cause heartburn, nausea, gas, and constipation.

Oestrogen is next, this one helps to kick-start the baby’s adrenal gland and help the uterus grow. This increase can sometimes lead to increased appetite and skin issues, like pigmentation. Remember your sun cream during pregnancy. You are definitely more sensitive to the sun.

Oxytocin “love hormone” is the hormone that stretches the cervix.  It also triggers nurturing feelings and behaviors.

Finally, we have Prolactin “Mothering hormone” it prepares the breast tissues for lactation and the release of milk.

Although there are many other hormones doing some amazing things. These are the main ones you hear about.

The Changes Within

These pretty big changes that take place over a long time period. So, it is unrealistic to think that we are going to bounce back and feel completely “normal” directly after childbirth. Never mind the fact that we don’t get much sleep as a new mom and our body is trying to recover from surgery or birth. Be kind to yourself. Be patient. Embrace the amazing product of your journey.

Hormone changes can really make you feel different, anxious, and even depressed. If you are concerned at all about how you are feeling, please see you Dr to discuss.

When To Seek Consult

Once the first six weeks are over and you have seen your healthcare practitioner and got the ok, you can then focus on trying to balance your hormones naturally. This starts with fuelling your body.  This means eating, not starving yourself Not eating enough will not only slow down your metabolism but also effect your energy levels. Give your body what it needs to effectively support your immune and digestive system.

Getting A Hold Of Those Cravings

The hormone Dopamine is involved in appetite regulation. Serotonin helps regulate appetite control. When your body is rundown and these hormone levels are low, your brain will help generate a quick-fix to create a calm, happy feeling. Focus on not restricting the foods you want at this time as this my lead to binge-eating and a poor mental health through deprivation.

So, what can we do?

  1. Gentle movement can improves thyroid functioning which effects the hormones.
  2. Increased fibre will assist your digestion.
  3. Increased Magnesium as this regulates the sex hormones.
  4. Eating every 2-3 hours.

Stop focusing on a size and start focusing on you. Remember self care is vital during this season in your life.

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