Burnout Recovery Solution

by Michelle Pitt Co

The Burnout Recovery Solution is a 12 week solution


exhausted and overwhelmed moms,

who want

to ditch the mom-guilt and start making time for themselves.

Becoming the mom and WOMAN you want to be be requires strategy , planning and accountability. Yes, a person to lean on who has been through it , is definitely the missing piece of the puzzle.

Michelle Pitt Co

I have personally worked with hundreds of moms and did a little dance of joy as I watched them start to put themselves first. The Burnout Recovery Solution is a in person or online personalised coaching course. I offer both options to suit all moms because I know how busy you really are.

Who is the Burnout Recovery Solution for?

Moms that are:

  • Putting everyone else first
  • Exhausted
  • Have no time
  • Have no energy
  • Feeling like a complete failure
  • Not feeling valued
  • Not sure where they fit in anymore?
  • Desperately wanting happiness but cannot seem to find it.
  • Looking for the spark back in the relationships.
  • Trying to ditch the MOM GUILT
  • Looking to feel and look great in their own skin.
  • Wanting to be more organized
  • Just wanting to feel like themselves again.

Hi, my name is Michelle and I am the mom behind Michelle Pitt Co and the Burnout Recovery Solution.

You are in good hands, I am an Internationally qualified Health and Wellness therapist and certified Life Coach. I am absolutely passionate about helping moms prioritize their lives to avoid Burn-Out.

The Burnout Recovery Solution is no 1 trick wonder , there are no secret potions or magic beans. Instead I offers you the skill set to have the life you deserve.

The 12 week course includes:

  • 12 one on one sessions ( 45 mins each)
  • Workbooks + Ebook
  • An interactive community

What is the investment?

The investment for Burnout Recovery Solution is


Tell me more…

Module 1

The New Normal

-Understanding holistic living
-Define your mindset blocks
Outline for success
-Happiness Plan and Flow
Module 2

More Time

-Understanding and breaking down your time.
Module 3

More Energy

-Healthier lifestyle
Module 4

Better Relationships

-Support Systems
-Mom guilt
-Communication Skills
-Chasing Superiority
Module 5

Happy Wife, Happy Life

-De Clutter
-Home File
-Shopping Lists
-Healthy meals
-Home budget
-Master your mornings.
Module 6

From Frumpy to Fabulous

-Dressing for your body type
-Capsule Closet
-Your skincare guide
-Make-up cheats
-Body Positivity

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It really works……..

Michelle was amazing.
I love how she emphasizes that there is no RIGHT or WRONG way of parenting.
Whatever you choose to do is okay.
Great workshop.”

Tasnim Soloman

“I am mom to an adorable one year old, PA to my husband and his business, cook, cleaner etc.
I was managing alright but always felt run off my feet with mile long lists that never got done.
I worked with Michelle and WOW, what a change. She helped make manageable changes in all aspects of my life.
We are now eating better and exercising.
I now have time for my family and even ME time!
Michelle makes you feel so comfortable and able to speak openly.
She is amazing!”

Sara Gray

“At a time where I felt overwhelmed with my business and personal life, juggling being a mom, a wife and running my own business, Michelle truly helped me to refocus on what is important and what I needed to focus on. She has also taught me that saying NO sometimes is okay.
Thank you for the balance that you have helped me achieve. This was my very important to me.”

Leandra Schutte

“I guess seeing a life coach is quite a new things for many of us, I get asked often why I am seeing one now.
I have been working with Michelle for the past year, and although I have been to see a Life Coach once before Michelle, the reason I have found value in my sessions and continued them is because being a working Mom of 3 kids and 2 businesses, I am not a standard person facing one problem at a time but multiple.
I was seriously not coping with all my balls in the air, they were frequently dropping. I had various levels of burnout, and sitting down with someone who isn’t going to tell you to just put all the balls down, but rather to get some sort of perspective on where you at and where you want to go and how you are going to do just that was just what I needed. Because lets face it, putting all the balls down and quitting is just not an option.
My sessions with Michelle, give me a life plan and sanity. She is great at what she does because in her essence she is a level headed person who knows exactly what busy moms are facing and can relate.
We all need a Michelle in our lives”

Tracey Steynberg

The personal & business growth sessions I spent with Michelle were a great opportunity to take stock of where I was and to problem-solve and plan for where I want to be in future. As busy parents and business-owners we don’t often get the chance to just sit and think – or talk ideas over with someone who has a fresh perspective. Thanks Michelle for the effort and thought you put into our sessions, I found them to be really beneficial.

Devin Lester

I was close to the “edge” when I first met Michelle. Having suffered from burnout before, I recognised all the warning signs. I wasn’t sure how a ‘Mentor for Moms’ would help me but I knew I did not want to opt for help from a health practitioner as this would probably lead to being medicated. Definitely not the best option for the wife of a businessman and mother of two who was deep in the trenches of starting a new business while recovering from health issues.
Fortunately, Michelle proved to be all the help I needed. She cleared the clutter in my life by giving practical advice on how to make breakthroughs in the areas I was having difficulty with, without having that breakdown I was so close to. I found that working with her was more calming than I expected. Michelle listened, advised and held me accountable. When I stumbled she motivated me to move forward. She helped me take control of my overall wellbeing and made me realise that it is possible to live an extra-ordinary life when I was ready to accept a mediocre one due to the overwhelming daily pressure of being the perfect partner and parent. She helped me build up my resources in a practical way to balance my life without feeling like I had to sacrifice what was important to me. Thanks to her I am a healthier, happier, more confident woman who really believes I am more than “just a mom” or “just a wife”.
I am incredibly grateful for Michelle’s expertise and will continue to recommend her to friends because she changed my life.