Are you a busy, exhausted mom close to burnout?

You are not alone, we live in a crazy world. In previous generations, moms ran the household and brought up the kids. Today, we still do this and the majority of us need to contribute to our household income too.

What does this mean? Quite simply; we are crazy-busy and struggle to fit everything in. We are exhausted and not looking after ourselves. We are stressed about trying to do everything which leads us to feeling like we are failing in all areas.

Is it time for a change!

Do you want:

  • More time to do the things you love?
  • More energy to get more done?
  • To feel confident, organised have clarity of mind?

The Makeover for Burnout Moms is a 6-week transformation for tired and exhausted moms trying to do it all. Enrolment for our September 2019 course is now open. Please note that we will only be taking 30 ladies for this round. To learn more and be notified about our upcoming enrolment enter your name and email address here:

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By investing in yourself and putting yourself first you will become a better mom and have better relationships.

So, what is the Makeover for Moms all about?

It’s for moms looking to align their lives.

The course offers much-needed support, accountability, a plan, and the confidence to finally get it all done. 

Who is the course a perfect fit for? Moms who:

  • Are feeling lost, stressed or overwhelmed
  • Feel as though they have lost themselves and not sure who they are anymore
  • Don’t have enough time to get everything done
  • Are exhausted and frustrated
  • Are desperate for help and support
  • Feel unorganised and chaotic
  • Spend no time on themselves and put everyone first.
  • Are unhappy with how they look and feel

We cannot help our kids to be the best version of themselves if we are not the best versions of ourselves.

Here’s what the e-course offers you:

  1. Work at your own page, online. Your time is precious, work through the course as and when you have a minute to spare.
  2. A proven system; we have had some incredible testimonials from so many moms, all on different paths in life
  3. I am a mom myself and so can empathise with what you are going through, I’ve been there!
  4. Dedicated care through our forum, this is also a great space to make connections and mom friends.
  5. Build a community of like-minded moms, you know what they say; “it takes a village”.

Its time for you to take control of your life you are worthy!

Children learn their morals and values from us. They learn right from wrong by watching our actions.

Makeover For Moms

Module 0

Welcome and intro

This module is an introduction and holistic look at our lives. We will talk about mindset and our plan for success to get the most out of the course

Module 1

Finding the new me

When we become a mom , we change , we are never the same ever again. This module will help you find the new you.

Module 2

More Time

Time is our greatest assest; learn how to align your life and focus on the things of most value

Module 3

More Energy

Learn the key factors involved in creating more energy and clarity in your life.

Module 4

Better Relationships

Learn the key factors involved in creating better relationships in your life

Module 5

Being a better mom

Tips and tricks on how to become a better mom.

Module 6

From Frumpy to Fabulous

Transform yourself from frumpy to fabulous in this step by step plan

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FAQ Section

What is the E-Course about?

Lifehacks for Millennial Moms is an e-course for busy and exhausted moms looking for alignment, focus, and organisation in their lives.

This Course is for?

Burnt-out moms struggling with stress, no time, lack of energy and feeling overwhelmed.

How is this course delivered?

Weekly videos, workbooks, (step by step guide, checklists, etc) and a private Facebook forum.

How much does it cost?

  • Early Bird: R1970. First 5 people receive sign up bonuses. All early bird receive welcome planning pack
  • Full Price: R2970

When does it start?

17 September 2019

When do registrations close?

13 September 2019

What happens if I am not satisfied?

Return policy: 14-day money back guarantee if there is proof of activity.