I broke up with my gym and lost 7 kg’s

Yup, that’s correct but let us just get clear about how I picked up those 7 kg ‘s in the first place. When I first started hearing about COVID-19 in January / February  2020. I thought it was an ‘overseas thing.’ I never in my wildest dreams thought it would end up impacting our lives as it has.

In March, the unthinkable happened, schools and non-essential business were closed. The impact on our family and many others caused stress, anger, frustration, and fear.

Trying to work, look after my kids and keep our house going was hard but the thing that was even worse for me was the isolation. Yes, I had my husband and kids, but I missed my mom and dad, my sisters and brother and of course my friends. I felt trapped, exhausted, and alone in many ways. Chatting on a video call just was not the same.

So, what I did to survive was cook and bake. We set up fun, Zoom baking days with my sisters. I found old family recipe‘s and tried them out with the kids. I cooked meals to full our family with happiness and hope. Even though I picked up a whopping 7 kg’s over this time. It kept me sane and sparked a love of cooking that has stayed with me.

Like many families we were also affected financially by the pandemic. We needed to cut back on our expenses and the gym had to go. This was a little scary as it had become my safe space over the last couple of years. A place where I could stick in my headphones and just let loose.

My only option to get back to myself again, create healthy habits and cut the extra lockdown weight was to create a new exercise routine and to prioritise it. I found some amazing people to guide me on the fundamentals and got started on my home workouts. From September  to November 2020 I managed to cut 7 kg’s and find consistency in my workouts.

Exercise has helped me control stress levels, manage stress, and become stronger. I now try workout 5-6 times a week. I do a combo of weight training, cardio, hiit, yoga / stretching and pilates. Some days I try something new like kickboxing or a dance workout. It is fun to challenge myself and try something new. I try show gratitude everyday for being able to move. It thinks that it is something that we often disregard.

To be completely honest the weight only started to drop once I started to manage my nutrition. I follow the 80 / 20 rule. I try eating more unprocessed, highly nutritious food 80% of the time. I LOVE food and still indulge.  I focus on my protein and eat in a calorie deficit. @Theleangirl has a cool calculator to help you figure this out. Plus, her tips include RSA food and restaurants which I love.  Thanks to help from people like @Cartergood I have managed to really make peace with food and emotional eating. Having gone through his own weight loss journey, he really gets it.  I personally love using the app  @MyFitnessPal. It helps me have control and peace, but I realize this is not for everyone,

 I have realized that you can find a healthy relationship with food, lose fat, and still eat the foods you love. How is you relationship with food going?

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