Can we body positive

Body Positivity

and want to get in better shape?

Hell yeah!

Health is just as important and loving your body. You heard it! Exercise, the food we eat, controlling our stress levels, these are all things that are just as important for our mind as they are for our body but learning to be kind to ourselves is something we must just do.

Seriously, it is very similar to trust. It is a choice we make. We must actively need to stop comparing ourselves on Instagram and start showing some serious gratitude for what we were given. We need to stop looking at the flaws and rather love how they make us unique. Like with any new habit, this takes consistency and patience for it to become the new normal.

Especially if you are a mom. Our children mimic what we do. If they see a kicka#@! mom, that loves her body, they automatically follow that. If they also see a mom that exercises regularly and eats real, unprocessed food. That becomes their norm.

 The worst part of going on a “diet” (which I have a serious issue with) Is waiting to see results. We live in this crazy world where everything happens so quickly. Fast food, fast living. Even transforming your body after having a baby, must happen right away. That is why is it so flipping amazing to see wonderful woman in the limelight getting honest about their not so perfect bodies.

 Blake Lively said “I needed two personal trainers and a nutritionist to get in shape for her movie “The shallows’. She also said “it’s absolutely absurd for woman to pressure themselves to look like a model right after giving birth. “

Being Pregnant helped Amy Adams understand her true relationship with her body. She works out when she can and tries to eat healthy but losing weight was never her number 1 priority.

Drew Barrymore recently said in an interview with glamour “that it was important to not always portray yourself as perfect, especially on social media. ““She has been known to share make-up bare, pregnant photos , even a couple of them show her stuffing her face in.

The fitness industry is worth about $100 Billion and the fat loss industry is worth about $72 Billion. That is a huge market and it is safe to say so it is not going anywhere. It is our job to fight again this marketing that makes us doubt that we are good enough.

 So, how do we stay body positive and get in better shape?  

  1. We learn to love our bodies.
  2. We speak to ourselves, like we would a close friend.
  3. We talk about our amazing bodies with our kids.
  4. We share what normal looks like (no more photo shopping)
  5. Normalize different types of people, we need images of people in all shapes, sizes race and even disabilities in the media.
  6. We need learn what exercise we love and do enough of it to feel good and reduce stress.
  7. We need to learn to cook, eat real food, and slow down.
  8. We learn to take time out for ourselves.
  9. 80/ 20 rule. Eat healthy most of time but enjoy things you love too.

Cassey Ho posted a youtube video in the beginning of this year. You see she had been judged in the fitness world for not having a six pack. Lets just get real for a second here, not many women can have a visible six pack (rectus abdominus) as you need to get your fat % is incredibly low. This may be harmful to some woman and they will cause cessation of their menstrual cycle. So, let us have realistic expectations ladies.

Check out her video here

Cassie has faced incredible scrutiny for wanting to embark a 90-day challenge to improve herself. To change herself, for herself. In doing this, she was told she no longer represented body positivity. She needed to understand more about Body Positivity.

She recently reached out to Body Positivity founder Connie Sobczak. Her story alone is incredible.  After many years of shaming in their own family, her, and her sister both developed eating disorders. Her sister also had complications due a problem with her breast implants that leaked and died way too soon at 36.   After having a daughter, Connie really wanted to make an impact on girls worldwide. Find out more about body positive here .

For more on body positivity join my fb group and learn more about getting in shape while staying body positive.

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